Our mission is to promote a favorable investment climate in Russia and to improve international cooperation between Russian and foreign businesses.








Geran & Partners is a rapidly developing external communications consultancy.


Founded in 2011, we offer a wide range of services from designing PR communication strategy, organizing business and leisure events, and creating corporate images to represent the interests of foreign companies in Russia and the interests of Russian companies abroad.

Geran & Partners offers the following competitive advantages:



Experience in a wide range of industries, both in Russia
and abroad



A professional team of experts



A presence across Russia
and a network of partners in 5 countries around the world



A fundamental approach to project management









Geran & Partners is headquartered in Moscow, with a regional network spanning in 6 Russian federal districts and 5 other countries across the world, namely the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Our strategic business partner is located in Washington, D.C.

The joint activities of Geran & Partners in Russia and our business partners aims to provide Russian companies with presence abroad so they can expand their business in Europe and the United States, as well as establish a permanent presence in this areas. 








Throughout their careers, the partners have worked with major Russian and international companies, including ones with .revenue of up to $15.3 billion and up to 15,000 employees.