Geran & Partners – Offical Partner of World Ecolabel Day

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The project is being implemented at the initiative of the Ecological Union in Russia with the participation of Geran & Partners, Leroy Merlin and Splat

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Consulting practice Geran & Partners partnered with a project implemented by the Ecological Union - the developer of the famous eco-label "Vitality Leaf" in Russia, along with other respected partners LEROY MERLIN and SPLAT. The practice was asked to create visualizations of various types of eco-labeling, demonstrating complex processes in a "simple" language of visual images.
It is no secret that caring for the environment is an important part of life for the practice's experts. It is all the more pleasant that the infographics and visualizations dedicated to the WORLD ECOLABEL Day were made by Geran & Partners’ experts specifically for the Environmental Union’s project and were published by a such a well-known and prestigious publication as National Geographic, Russia.
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