"Clean Country" Association

App Development for an Event

"Clean Country" association is an industry-specific association of organizations, operators and specialists in the field of waste management. The main goal of the organization is to stimulate the development of the MSW (municipal solid waste) management industry and to ensure the protection of members’ interests. "Clean Country" actively interacts with executive and legislative bodies of power at various levels. The main activities of the Association are:

Practice News

"Clean Country" association asked Consulting practice Geran & Partners to develop a mobile app for the upcoming event - the IV International Congress of regional waste management operators. The main purpose of the app was to provide event participants with an opportunity to register, communicate and distribute information. Association representatives wanted to be able to upload and distribute content through the app themselves, as well as to be able to swiftly interact with participants and speakers.

The customer also made very high demands regarding the functionality and reliability of the app, since some of the expected guests and speakers of the Congress were high-ranking government officials and businessmen. A separate condition was the ambitious time frame for development, testing and launching of the app (1.5 months).

Project results

Due to strict time constraints, out team decided to use a Fully Packaged Product for the implementation of the project. The visual style and interface of the app were developed specifically for these purposes. Software templates were used to assemble individual screens of the app and the admin panel.

The app consisted of a number of components (sections), each section reflected a separate functionality (personal account, news feed, list of participants, etc.). Based on the required client approved functionality, the app was assembled from a number of components, tested and uploaded to the AppStore and Google Play.

The app also contained an option of adding new events since the client was planning to continue using the app in the future.

Visual style development

To maintain consistency with the customer's visual style, the app was designed in corporate colors. The app icon and background screens required a custom design.

App functionality

The following functionality was integrated into the app based on clients’ request:
Each section could be customized. The client could enable / disable sections at his own discretion at any time using a specifically designed administrative panel in the app.

Admin panel

The web-based administrative panel was a distinctive feature of the app. The client was able to upload necessary content without involving third parties.

The panel made it possible to hide and display necessary sections, fill them with required content and possessed a convenient user-friendly interface for these purposes. A library of reference materials and video tutorials for app setup was also made available.

Access and security

To ensure safety and convenience of using the app, mandatory participant registration with subsequent post-moderation was provided. Each visitor had to download the app from the store (AppStore or Google Play) and register. All participants were assigned an individual QR which made it easy to receive all the information about the visitor. The entire list of visitors was kept in a special register in order for the organizers to keep track of the number of participants and be able to contact them.

App downloading and training

Geran & Partners consulting practice managed the process of upload and registration of the app in app stores. This involved registering developer accounts in Google and Apple ecosystems, interacting with companies’ regarding organizational issues, and uploading the app to the stores.

The project was completed in one month, two weeks ahead of schedule. Our company also conducted employee training on how to use the admin panel.
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