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Garrett is the world leader in automotive turbochargers, installed in more than 100 million vehicles worldwide, and uniquely combines a commitment to tradition and continual modernization and improvement. Garrett traces its history back to 1936, and was created by the famous American engineer, inventor John Clifford Barrett, who made a significant contribution to the development of American industrialization.
As part of business development and promotion in the regions where the company is present, Garrett organizes training seminars for specialists and distributors of Garrett’s brand automotive turbochargers, which traditionally are devoted to the installation and operation of variable geometry turbochargers with VNT technology.

Practice services

The Geran & Partners Consulting Practice was tasked with raising the status and organization of seminars to a new level both in terms of PR and presence in media landscape, attracting the number and profile of participants and visual design. The challenging feature of the project consisted of direct interaction with the client in Moscow with implementation being carried out in the regions by local experts with extensive local connections and familiarity with the specifics of regional markets.

Project Results

Increasing the number of project participants

Important project success measuring criterion was the increase in the number of seminar participants. After first two events, the number of participants doubled. New KPIs and ambitious goals for 2020 were identified based on the achieved results.

Implementation of the project at a high level in the regions of Russia

The project was successfully implemented at a high level in Vladivostok and Naberezhnye Chelny when this portfolio was created. In 2020 similar events are planned in at least 5 more cities in Russia.

Creating a unique visual style for events

Elegant corporate materials were developed based on the client's corporate style that reflect the essence of the brand - a necessary attribute of any modern event: invitations, registration form, participants’ certificates, certificate’s hologram, an attractive stand. The materials received great response from the target audience.
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